Wednesday's Word: This World in Which We Live

I won’t make friends with this post…but it needs to be said: 

Lily, Huntsville Botanical Garden
We live in a world where women have constructed a political pedestal, perched themselves on it with inflated egos, making unreasonable demands, but are never satisfied.  They are vulgar, loud, and deceived, calling for the "right" to kill their own babies, but labeling it women’s healthcare.  

They have confused men about who they are.  However, if a man is confused about how to interact with a woman because of the behavior of so-called radical feminists, he is most likely looking for contractual sex, not a committed, healthy, Godly relationship.  A godly man will know how to treat a godly woman, and he will have to diligently search to find her…but she is out there.

Conversely, Women, there are still godly men in this world.   You will have to search a little harder to find him.  Don’t settle.

In this world, public schools fill the heads of our youth with conflicting voices that have no clear guidance.  Morality’s voice is quickly becoming more distant and soft, drowned out by the reverberations of a roaring enemy, until our children are deafened by rampant deception.  They are told love equals sex…”Here, have a condom!”…and they are rewarded for mediocrity.  There is a political plan to steal our children!  (Keep in mind who else is out to kill, steal, and destroy.)

We keep saying that today's students are going to have a hard time in the real world, but one day, they will all be the “real world.”  The battle is fierce for America's children!  Thankfully, there are still good parents bringing up good Christian young men and women.   But make no mistake, our youth need a lot of prayer!  As does America!

We live in a world where people would rather see the demise of our country than allow Donald Trump peace and space to do his job as President of these United States, which is the most important job in the free world!   But they keep shooting darts of distraction, looking for any small BB to make into a bullet aimed for destruction.  Disrespectful and demanding; they embody what they accuse others of being if one’s opinion is different than theirs.  Yet God has directed us to love them.  How to love them?  Employ the Golden Rule.  I’m working on it, Lord.  I’ll work a little harder. 

Are you ready for some good news?  God works with a praying remnant who will believe and seek Him.  God wouldn’t have destroyed Sodom had He found ten righteous people.  Be one of the ten!  Prayer definitely changes things.  Brothers and sisters in Christ must stop acting like step-brothers and sisters who argue and nitpick, and begin walking worthy of our calling, like true children of God.  The world should recognize us by our love for each other!  We need to make a world where Pentecostals hold (spiritual) hands with Church of Christ members, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians…all of us side-by-side, praying in one accord, growing the remnant (because the remnant is not a denomination, it's people with clean hands and an upright walk with God), standing strong against the bully that is seeking whom he may devour, using every willing tool he can find…and there are many tools.    



  1. Amen, friend! I am so sick of hearing, seeing and reading of sexual misconduct amongst public officials, celebrities, teachers, physicians, coaches, normal-everyday people. It's an epidemic. And then the women who are "loose" and okay with it when it's to their advantage, yet want to complain about it when they can gain notoriety or slander for it later, just make me crazy. If you went along with it because it advanced your cause you have no right to whine about it later! That's called prostitution or worse. Sorry, not sorry! (Not those that were truly abused, that's a different story) This is just satan's work. And those that parade around with profanity and female body parts make me want to throw up. Did your mama not teach you anything? If you have no more moral compass than to show up in public with this sort of garbage, you are part of the problem.

    Where is the dignity of today's woman? We burned our bras in the 70's. We gained equal rights then, too. Stop going backwards. Work hard, be kind, speak with a clean mouth, show some class and pray. Pray harder!! This will earn our gender much more respect, money, advancement and admiration than the stupidity we are seeing right now. And for heaven's sake, allow a man to open the door or pull out a chair for you. It's his duty, you don't have to kiss him for it. We are women!! It's a privilege.

    Whew. Off my soap box now.

    1. Well said! Step on the soapbox anytime!

    2. For the most part, I agree with you. ( And please forgive me for butting into your comment to Margaret--I'm never quite sure when that's okay to do.)

      But. Sometimes, women submit to a powerful person's sexual demands, because "that's the price of doing business". They feel that they have no choice, so they endure. Later, when they feel stronger, safer--they think, "You know what? That ought NOT to have been the price of doing business. That ought not to have happened." And because they are more secure, they speak out. Some do so for revenge, but most do so in order to get the abuser to stop, to spare other young women.

      It's clearer to us who have not been in that situation to see what the woman (or young man) should have done, but in the midst of the situation things feel differently.

      And, then, there are the Stormy Daniels of the world. Seriously. She earns her living with sex, had a one night stand, got paid $130,000 for it--and is now super victim. It is appalling. Don't think for one minute that I'm including that kind of thing in my remarks above.

    3. When the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and I listened to some of the stories the starlets were telling...I was thinking to myself, "You had a choice. Which did you want more? Your self respect or the movie part?" They did not have to go back a second time when they found out what he wanted in exchange for the chance to be in a movie, but they did. The moment they realized they were in a hotel room with a man behaving inappropriately, they had two choices, say or go. If they choose to stay, they had a good idea what was expected of them. How is that not consent?
      However, I am not talking about rape. But doing something one finds distasteful for a shot at fame and fortune is not rape, because there really was a choice.

  2. Totally agree with all you wrote here. We just need to continue to pray and never cease in doing so.


  3. Love that "Be one of the ten" quote! I've been praying diligently for our country to turn from it's wicked ways. I've also been praying--and sometimes wonder if I should stop!--that the hidden things of darkness would be revealed. And they are, aren't they? Sometimes I feel like I'm in some kind of appalling reality TV show. Except it's not staged, but really real.

    god is in control!

  4. I'd like to keep my head buried, but there's so much that needs prayer. I'm so glad I know God is in control...what do those people do who do not believe in God?


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