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Dove in my backyard
I’m a scroller…not to be confused with a troller, though admittedly, I have trolled social media…adding my 3 cents worth, worded in such a way to provoke.  God doesn’t like that.   Over the years He’s reminded me He doesn’t like it, and many are the comments that get deleted, or never get fully typed.  But I still type them out in my head.  I don’t think God likes that, either.

Years ago, I posted some sharp retorts to a man on a message board.  I was completely right, but entirely wrong to post like I did.  That night, I dreamed a man being so angry, so, so angry, and he couldn’t do anything about it.  I think I knew he was mad at me in the dream...but one thing I remember for sure is that when I woke up, I knew God was telling me He didn’t like my behavior.  Call me crazy, call me a dreamer…it’s probably true. 

I am almost certain some of my bad moods are Facebook-induced.  This world, People!  Have you noticed what’s going on?   Of course you have.   But I’m going to toss out at least 4 cents worth tomorrow so you can be as disturbed as me.  

I was in Wal*Mart this afternoon, and I realized that I really wanted to give in to the depression that was trying to creep in.  But I was too far back in the store to throw my hands up and run screaming to my car…I have a cold and no energy.  It would have embarrassed me having to stop midway to the front door to catch my breath during a coughing fit, trying to explain to the police between gasps and coughs that Facebook drove me crazy.  

The things people post…surely they can’t believe all of that stupidity.  Mindless!  It’s a virtual landfill.  I go pilfering around looking for valuables…and I find them:   a scripture someone posts, a heartwarming video, a note from an old friend, or new photos from family who live far away. 

But it is still a toxic wasteland. 

And I wonder why I’m in a bad mood!  Not really, it’s because of this world in which we live…what a great name for tomorrow’s post:  This World In Which We Live

But in the meantime, I’m going to work on not saying the first retort that comes to mind (some of them are good zingers; not Christlike, but zappers), not typing everything I want to type, and not slapping anyone.

I must live in this world. 

It’s probably best I don’t slap others.  



  1. Hoping you feel better soon with your cold! When I took that break from blogging and Facebook, I still went through my Facebook feed but didn't "like" anything or write comments. It was my intent not to do so. I find myself now not having the desire to do so and just quickly scroll down to see what people up to, mainly what family is up too. It can be draining and certainly should be limited how much time one spends on it.


    1. I definitely need to limit my time on social media. No excuses! Just do it!

  2. I just love that last sentence!!!
    "It's probably best that I don't slap others!!"
    I liked you before but now I absolutely LOVE you!!!
    Isn't there some way to limit what you see on Facebook? I try to do that with mine and it works pretty well.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes, there is a way to hide certain types of posts, and there is an option to unfollow people you don't want to unfriend, but don't like their posts...but plenty still gets through!

  3. I, too, love that last statement. That whole slapping thing can get us into a lot of trouble. Slander stared me in the face earlier this week. As in, gossip spoken over a year ago that I absolutely regret. Oddly, I was asking forgiveness from God immediately before I read your new blog post. (I don’t believe in coincidence.) Have a good one!

    1. Thanks, Norma! I hate those old regrets that linger...got a few myself. I think I have to agree about no coincidence.

  4. Ha! Apparently, that last sentence is a winner. It made me laugh out loud and I was going to comment about it--only to read others had appreciated it enough to comment, too. I still have this little internal chuckle as I think of it. That's probably an indication that I've had that slap urge rise up a time or two, myself.

    You know I agree about the mindless, thoughtless, superficial posts. I was thinking about those posts as I waited for bill to get out of the OR yesterday. The waiting room had abc on--which was showing Kelly Ripa and Ryan Secrist show. Good grief. I've spent most of my adult life trying to avoid those kinds of conversations! The first 15 minutes included about 10 minutes bemoaning the fact that a chain restaurant was going to stop serving their salads already chopped up into bits. yes. That was the topic. To make it worse--pause a moment here to recall the things going on in our world--to make it worse, Kelly began her salad rant by saying that she had read something in the newspaper that morning which really dismayed her. It was an article about the end of chopped salad. :o I was so appalled.

    Anyway--it occurred to me as I was forced to watch that show, that maybe those mindless, superficial posts are from people who enjoy Kelly Ripa and her daytime TV show cohorts. I think it could be a contributing factor.

    That show was followed by Dr. Oz with a discussion of odd places women had given birth, and then...then...The View came on. By that time, I was fit to be tied--and certain that daytime TV was melting brain cells.

    ha. Now I don't have to post this FB rant..you know, since I did it here. :)

  5. Yeah...that chopped salad could make or break someone. :::Shaking my head::: Here's something that really bothered me: The breaking news about the hostages being released from North Korea? CNN delayed a full 10 minutes to talk about it because they wanted to interview Stormy Daniels' attorney. I was pretty appalled about that.

    1. :( ! Interesting you brought that up. This chopped salad rant occurred the morning the hostage release was announced. Not one word. Dismayed by unchopped salad...not one word about the hostages. And CNN's priorities? Kind of tells us something about them, doesn't it? Can't blame stupidity...

  6. "I must live in this world.

    It’s probably best I don’t slap others."

    Wise words. How encouraging that He gave you that dream-- because He cares about you and He cares about the angry man on the Internet.


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