Thursday's Thoughts

Snapped at Lowe's lol
A child was behind me screaming for all he was worth as I was leaving Walmart the other day.  The thought crossed my mind, “What if he's being kidnapped?”  We tell our kids to scream bloody murder if someone tries to snatch them, but in these days of “don’t spank your kids,” little ones are so indulged by their parents that they shriek and carry on just because they don’t get their way.  And the prophet-of-doom thought hit me, “America won't be sunk by the Hillary Clintons or the Donald Trumps of the world, but by parents who won’t discipline the next generation.

You know how children argue?  America’s Christian community is sometimes immature like that.  Too many are more concerned with being right than with having a relationship with Christ.  The world does not know Christ followers by their love for one another (John 13:35).  They can’t see a difference in their own life and the life of the Christian.  The world needs love and the good news of Christ: the Gospel.  And they need Truth, which is so very hard to find.

You have the right to be offended by anything anyone says, you get to choose what offends you and you may call out the “offender,” harass and publicly shame them for their offense…unless they tell you it is comedy.  Then you can’t be offended at all, and you probably need to choke out a laugh, or you will be the one who is shamed. 

Demand more than mediocrity.  Demand it from yourself first, then those around you.  If we don’t demand more, won’t we always get less?   As an example, if we support Hollywood peppering every movie with sex, foul language, and liberal idealism, is there any reason for them to give us anything but trash?   It breaks my heart when a popular preacher lists his five top movies on Facebook, and 4 of them are Rated R. 

With as much as I float blog ideas around in my head, one would think I would post more often.  When I actually sit down to write, sometimes I draw a blank (though I’ve had 39,857 ideas in the past two days) or I can’t remember if I’ve already said it in a previous post.   (Sometimes I repost on purpose, don’t want you to think I’m that addled…though it may be a possibility.)

With that, I realize I must glam and dash, or be late to work…or later than I want to be anyway. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. The world is watching us; a lot of times I don't like what it is seeing in our behavior (I'm talking figuratively, not calling you or me out on things). They should know us by our love and how kind, generous, etc., we are, not what are our favorite movies (especially if they are not appropriate ones to be watching).



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