Monday Musings...The Who's Talking Edition

It’s important to know what those with whom we disagree are saying, that's why I watch liberal news clips and YouTube clips of programs like The View.  It hit me the other day as I was watching Whoopi and Joy Behar Trump-rant...the “other side” cannot forgive Donald Trump for winning the presidency, therefore, they can't move on.  They would rather keep our country divided than to let the President do his job with some semblance of peace. 

If alleged legitimate news sources keep telling Americans how bad President Trump is, it is no surprise that some people…even some seemingly reasonably intelligent people…will believe what they are told.   (“Alleged” is the key word in this paragraph.)    

I going to crawfish.   It actually does surprise me (and disturb me) when people put so much stock in a rag like The Washington Post and their half-baked, quarter-truthed “fact checker.”  

Nancy Pelosi.   This could also be political; however, I think ignorance outweighs politics on this one.   In response to President Trump calling MS-13 members “animals” who are pouring into our country, she said,  “We are all God’s children, there’s a spark of divinity in every person on earth.”   No…we are not all God’s children, and I am certain that MS-13 gang members are not hiding any “sparks of divinity.”  Their motto is Rape, Control, Kill.  I am not saying God can’t save them and make them His children…with God, all things are possible.   But this is another example of those who can’t forgive President Trump for winning.  Nancy didn’t say MS-13 is not good, instead, she chose to say President Trump calling these violent gang members “animals” is not good.  Did you ever notice how hatred affects sanity?

However, President Trump did insult my dogs on this one.
Both Rocco and Mr. Gibbs are offended.

Mr. Gibbs
Roscoe aka Rocco

Gina Haspel has been confirmed as the first female CIA Director. She’s a great choice. I am not sure why the media labeled her controversial. I wonder if they thought it might help her not be confirmed? They want women in high positions…just not any woman President Trump nominates? Oops, I made that political.

I would tell you about my diet, but I’m not on one.   I pretend to change my eating habits just about every Monday; this Monday is no exception.   Finally!   Not political.


When I switched blog addresses/sites, I told myself I would stop doing these types of musings.  I haven’t been too successful in stopping.   Maybe I need a 12-Step Program.  



  1. I for one like your musings :) I do agree that so much of the press can't accept the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency and will never accept it and so they report such negativity and ignore the positive things he has done.


  2. The MS-13 animal/Nancy Polosi thing: I am not supportive of any person, regardless of their degenerative state, being called an animal. I did wince when I heard Trump do that. I also heard the context of his remark and understood what he was saying. So, my ultimate reaction to his choice of descriptors? It was "shrug".

    And then there's Nancy Pelosi and her newfound "spark of divinity in every person" position. Does that mean she's opposed to abortion now? Bet not. Frankly, I was appalled by her little sparky speech. A gasp, not a shrug. While Dems are throwing around the word, "hypocrite," I have a candidate for it...good ol' sparky Nancy.


    I like your musings, too, TBR.

    Tho, and I never thought I'd say this, coming from a political family that had political discussion regularly with dinner, but I'm about filled up with politics right now. I think it's the "outrage quotient" that's been topped. Whatever it is...cause it might be the stupidity...I'm about done.


    1. I've never seen such loopiness. Ever. Everybody's talking, no one is listening, and we are flooded with deception.


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