Monday Musings: The "Driving Myself Insane" Edition

Instead of important issues to discuss, here are some things that have been suggested lately by those who are apparently trying to prove common sense has been completely obliterated:   
  • Remove the offensive word “man” from all words.   Use person, people, or some other non-identifying (and non-related) word instead.   Crazy Cathy Areu didn’t consider that “son” is masculine when she was explaining to Tucker Carlson how instead of Goldman Sachs, “Goldperson” Sachs would be less offensive.   Poor Tucker Carl-person..oh wait.  Never mind.
  • The University of Utah now has cry closets for college students to use before taking finals…complete with stuffed animals. 
  • Ask babies before changing diapers to start them on a “culture of consent.”   Thankfully, “sex expert” Deanne Carson is not American…but still!   She got worldwide coverage on that little piece of insanity.   If she were in America, she may have to her name...
I really don’t believe some of these people truly want what they are calling for, they are seeking the attention.   At least I sincerely hope that is the case.  

Caveat for my final musing:  I am not talking about the bad choices of a person who causes great harm to another:
  • Our courts are tied up with lawsuits filed by people who are seeking major compensation for minor inconveniences.   How many of us know the catch phrases or phone number jingles of the local attorneys who promote this kind of greed?   What happens in frivolous cases is that faux victims make true victims of some poor soul who made a mistake that caused no injury.  
Since I have spent my morning musing over these non-issues instead of something like the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, I may have added to the insanity…my own, if no one else’s.



  1. Can't wait to see the expression on Hubsters face when I tell him we have to change our last name to Stephen-person. ROFL!!

  2. Uh-lot of my relatives would have to change their names, too! If I really felt that way, I believe I'd be too embarrassed to admit it out loud, much less on national TV. lol

  3. The world seems to get insane more and more with each passing day. Makes one truly believe in the Bible when it says (loosely paraphrased) how evil will be good and good will be evil. Makes one start looking up at the sky and hoping......



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