Gnats and The Most High God

Huntsville Botanical Garden (Huntsville, AL)

In March, 2010, I had a dream. I walked into my bathroom (a place of cleansing) and it was full of gnats, swarming everywhere. I clapped my hands together and killed several of them, then I got some spray and sprayed the room. Once the gnats were gone, I noticed a hornet (wasp) on one of the bathroom shelves. I can understand gnats….pesky critters. I can understand my killing them. But why was there still a hornet in my bathroom to bother me? Actually, it wasn't bothering me, other than I knew it was there.

The next day, I went into my prayer closet, and I really called out to God. I spent some time reading Isaiah and Psalms, and then I heard in my spirit, “Write!” So I did what any normal human would do, I said, “God, is that You telling me to write? If it is, let me open my Bible up and see the word “write.” I opened my Bible up, and .... I didn’t see "write." So I laid my pencil back down and mumble something to God about just wanting to be sure because I can’t always tell his voice from the “other voices” in my head, namely my own…and possibly the enemy. I then assured God I was only asking for confirmation. (I don’t doubt God can speak to me. I doubt my ability to hear Him.) I heard in my spirit, “You write, I will confirm what I say.”

So I picked up my pencil and paper again, and wrote what I heard:

"You must learn to trust. Know Me. Love Me. Trust Me. I have chosen you, and I have loved you always. You have always belonged to Me, and My help has always been yours. You simply must reach and take what is rightfully yours because you are a child of the Most High God, your Redeemer, the King of Kings. 

"Grasp who I am, and you will see who you are, and you are Mine. All that I have promised is yours, for My words do not fall void (useless; ineffectual; vain) to the ground, but (My words) fall upon you and do as I say. And I say you are free!”

I then did the ‘normal human thing’ again and said, “God if this is from you, please let me see “Most High God” in the Bible. I randomly opened the Bible three times. I must say I came across some really encouraging scripture, but nothing that said “Most High God.” So I closed up my notebook, and went on about my day, and I didn’t think too much more about what I had written.

Sunday morning at church, the preacher spoke about the sons of God, which he explained were the descendants of God. And if he said that we were sons and daughters of the Most High God once, he said it ten times, and he talked about Jesus being our Redeemer.  It was a great message.  Somewhere after the first or second time I heard “Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,” I flipped my notebook back to the page where I had written the words above the day before. 

When I got home, I decided to find “hornet” in the Bible, and came across this verse:

“Moreover, the LORD your God will send the hornet 
among them until even the survivors 
who hide from you have perished.”  
Deuteronomy 7:20

To someone else, gnats and a hornet may not mean a thing, just a silly dream. But to me, I know that God has heard my cries for freedom from this pesky obsession and has gotten rid of the gnats for me. And he sent me a hornet to make sure that there are no survivors. Who the Son has set free is free indeed. Truly. Free.

Christ paid the price for my freedom so long ago, and all I have to do is trust that He is my Kinsman Redeemer.  It’s a matter of my believing who I am, and I am a child of the Most High God, and He says I am free.  I choose to believe God over what things look like at the moment.

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