A Day of Wishes and Regrets...But There is Hope

Sometimes I look back on my life with a twinge of sadness because of all that I have taken for granted; all that I’ve had and never appreciated. The opportunities I let slide by because I was too wrapped up in doing my own thing to recognize a good thing when I had it in my grasp. 

Age does funny things to a person. I now see things so differently than I did as a youth, and I’ve begun to wish that I had seen clearly way back when. I wish I’d known what a special person my Dad is when I was growing up. I wish I’d realized what an enormous and awesome responsibility it was for him to be the sole provider for five children and a wife. Had I known about his choleric temperament, then perhaps I would have realized that he was showing us how much he loved us by working the graveyard shift in a hot factory, then coming home and keeping up at least one other business, and sometimes one or two other money making ventures as well. I wish I had appreciated his faith, his perseverance, his wishes for his children to serve the Lord, instead of being resentful that he took me to church twice on Sunday, on Wednesday night, and every day of revival. In order to get our allowance, we had to memorize a Bible verse. I wish I’d tried harder to memorize more, and to get it deep into my heart and soul. I wish I knew the scripture like he does.

I’ve never known my parents to lie, cheat, or steal. Never, ever. I can look anyone in the eye and tell them the persons you see at church, in public, or anywhere else are the very same people you would see if you spied on them at home. I am blessed beyond measure, and I’ve always had this special blessing in my parents, but I wasted many years not appreciating it. It’s one of my regrets. 

My mother is one of a kind. I wish I’d realized what depth the woman has when I was living at home, and even when I finally moved out after graduating college. What a help she has been to me over the years. She is so selfless and giving. Had I followed her guidance instead of rebelling, I would have saved myself a world of heartache. She is the best example I could ever give of what a true Christian woman should be; and the fact that she would vehemently deny that statement only proves it more. She is fiercely loyal to her God and to her family. She is the one person that I trust more than anyone else in this old world. (Though I must say that I also fully trust my dad.) 

I wish I had appreciated my brothers and sisters more…though some of them were hard to appreciate!! lol But I wish I’d tried harder to be a better sibling to them all. I still lack in that department. I have the two most wonderful sisters that anyone could ever ask for…I don’t always appreciate them like I should. I wish I were closer to my brothers, but life often gets in the way. Perhaps one day. I am blessed that they are all in my life.  

I wish my daughter had as good a mother as I have, and I regret that I have not been able to be a better parent. I love her so much more than I can express. 

Above all…I wish I’d served my Lord and Savior from my childhood. This is my greatest regret. I wish I had not turned my back on Him for those many years. How I wish I were able to, on Judgment Day, stand before His throne and say, “Lord, I’ve served you since my youth. I have loved You always.” I made a promise to Him yesterday that I would live the rest of my days walking closer to Him. I intend to keep that promise.


Conversations Outside My Head

Me: I think it’s supposed to rain this weekend.
Co-Worker: Whatever. You can keep dry on the couch.

Ole Boy: (putting gas in my car) I miss the old way of getting gas.
Me: When they pumped it for you?
Ole Boy: Siphoning.

Me: I feel like I’m late if I’m not at work by 7:40.
Cousin: I feel like I’m late if I get there at 8:01…because uh, then I am!

Friend: Me first!
Me: OK.
Friend: Never mind. If you’re letting me, it can’t be good for me.

Four year old Samara: (showing me a band-aid on her toe) I was getting a big fingernail off my toe.  I made it sore.
Me:   Why didn’t you get someone to clip that “fingernail” off your toe?
Samara:   Because I was chewing it.


Natchez Trace Parkway

Grace is always bigger than my weakness.
I can depend on Him and His grace,
Not me and my strength.
If I bring Him my weakness,
He will give me grace to deal with the issue.


Raise the Bar!

Was there ever a time when men didn’t swear in front of women,
and ladies didn’t swear at all? 

A society so concerned about “being dissed” has forgotten how disrespectful it is when they use vulgar language, unconcerned that small children or grandparents (or anyone else who may find it offensive) are nearby.  A woman who regularly drops the F bomb should remember that just because she has the freedom say it, she’ll look and sound like she knows what she is talking about if she spouts facts instead of profanity.

Ladies, I won’t apologize for saying you sound trashy when dropping the F bomb in public.   You do.  Men, you don’t look any better.  You may even be someone I love…you look a bit classless when your mouth is as putrid as a backed-up potty.  

Do you really think you are taken seriously when you are peppering your language with unnecessary profanity?  Your words will command a lot more respect and attention when you speak with authority instead of expletives.

Raise the bar!   If you have a platform, if you’re given an opportunity to make a difference, raise the bar!   Bring some style back into society.  The problem is that these words have become so commonplace, hearing them is the norm instead of the exception.  (Hollywood would be a "whole 'nother" blog post.)  Class is in the swirl headed toward the drain!   Don’t be careless with our culture; we are better than our profanity-laden dialogue would have one believe!  

If you can’t say what you want to say without profanity, think a little longer before speaking;  perhaps you really don’t have a point to make.

If you’re mad and spewing verbal abuse because someone has a differing opinion, cool down before you make your case.   You can stand your ground without invectives.  

Your language doesn’t make you win an argument, knowing what you’re talking about does.   There are times when you are 110% certain you are right, but you are not.  All the cussin’ in the world won’t change that. 
PS:  Don’t ask Ole Boy what happens around my house when I get really, really mad.

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