Saturday Musings: Wordless, Straw-less, Wall-less Gender-less, and Classless

Cardinals in my snowy back yard a few years ago.

Just Saying Some Trigger Words

Don’t think Margaret’s Musings promotes words without filters. We shouldn’t say things to purposely offend others. But I’m not so sure that we should continue omitting words that others have decided are offensive, or remain silent when words and symbols are hijacked for a use that is not what was originally intended.

There’s a growing list of taboo words in the making by a group of folks who I suspect is a rather small percentage of people. I just read where it is offensive to say you are American. Wait. What? I usually don’t stop saying “trigger words” if it is something I already say.

I. Am. American.
There.  I said it.

Gender X Babies

I wish this was fake news. According to the Daily Wire, a baby born in New York City can grow up with no identity. I don’t think the law Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into effect states it quite that way, but how confusing for a four-year-old to not know if he or she is male or female! Identities are crucial for all of us. I can't imagine being in fifth or sixth grade and my parents are asking me if I'm a boy or a girl...or what I am.

The further we get away from the Bible, the more confused people are becoming as to who they are…who God created them to be, that is…and they are passing down even more confusion to their offspring.

Cities coast to coast are banning plastic straws. Over the last few years, I have read stories of how straws kill marine animals. If true, and it appears to be, turtles, sharks, fish, and birds have fallen prey to the evil straw. I am not rolling my eyes at the banning of straws, I’m sure the plastic straw companies will come up with a biodegradable replacement. I am, however, wondering if people were more responsible with trash…but that opens up a whole ‘nother digression. Litterbugs.

Back to straws, don’t mess with this Florida Yasmine James' fists as she's grabbed by an angry straw-less customer:

I had to show the news clip because the full video is profanity laden.
Speaking of profanity...

The New House
Good grief. The things some of America’s new representatives are saying!  I’m not sure if I’m more appalled that people like Rashid Tlaib are elected, or by what they are saying. Both, I think.

The Wall
I am all for building the wall. I am also for allowing immigrants into our country. If “Dreamers” (those who were brought here as children) are law abiding, they should be given a path to citizenship without fear. America is the life they know. I am not for destroying lives.

Building a wall is good stewardship of the freedom we have. America should allow immigrants in, no doubt about it. But there needs to be an equal and fair process for each and every person desiring to pass our borders, and we need the capability to veto entrance. I realize that there are people outside our box who really need relief or who just desire a better life for themselves and their families. People who want to come to America to find work and be productive, let them begin the process of coming in! If they are coming to join the ranks of Americans who are living on government assistance, send them back home. Don’t we need to take care of our own people in need and our homeless before we bring in more?

That wall sure has caused division 
and it isn't even built yet. 

I hope your weekend is a grand one!
Pray for our country!
Seriously, pray.



  1. I agree to that - But there needs to be an equal and fair process for each and every person desiring to passthe borders.

  2. When we were in Southern California last month, we were asked at some places if we wanted a straw or not. Had to ask for water where routinely it is given here in Phoenix with a straw, even if not asked. Also in California you have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store, but they are of a better quality and can be used multiple times. It is good to protect our environment but sometimes I think we protect the environment more than we protect the lives of the unborn. I do think a wall needs to be built. I lived for a long time 10 miles from the border and it was sad that I couldn't work in the area where I lived because I wasn't bilingual. I'm all for people coming to the United States if they do it legitimately and if they when they get here learn the language. I hadn't heard that thing about people being offended if someone says they are an American. What are we supposed to be called? A United Stateonian?


    1. I don't know what they want us to say! lol Like I said, I believe the people who keep bellowing are a small group. They are just loud.

  3. I agree with you entire post! About straws--when I was a child & teen, we did not have plastic straws--they were paper. Pretty sure we could go back to that. I've often had the same thought you've expressed about the need to be more careful about what we do with trash. I mean, how does all of that stuff get INto the ocean, anyway?

    Not that straws is the most important thing in this post, but it's the simplest to comment on...and you don't want me writing a post here, right? Of course, right.


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