Anniversary, Ole Boy-isms, and Current Events

Last weekend Ole Boy and I celebrated 22 years of marriage (after six years of dating) in Nashville.  I love this man more today than when I married him!  He can be funnier than me at times, and he always has a song ready, tweaked for any occasion:

Me:   Cheese would be good on this.
Ole Boy (singing):   Cheese release me, let me go…

Me:  That burger was a little greasy.
Ole Boy (singing):   Greasy loving, seeing’s believing…

And he’s always quick with Ole-Boyisms that tickle me every time:  

Server (as he is giving us the bill):  I’m sorry for your wait.
Ole Boy (as server walks away):  I guess he could tell we put on a few pounds.

Me:  Sitting comfortably on the bed watching an exercise video.
Ole Boy (walking into room):  Hey, have you…oh.  Sorry.   Didn’t know you were exercising.

Turning on sports highlights first thing in the morning:  “Wow, this game went into overtime, they were playing when I went to bed last night!”

Every now and then, he may go too far tweaking a song and adding my name:
Down in Alabama, where the alligators grow so mean
There lives a girl that I swear to the world
Makes the alligators look tame
Polk salad Margaret, polk salad Margaret…

Musings on recent events:
  • I haven’t worn Nike in years, but I used to wear their high tops back in a younger day.  The whole Colin Kaepernick “new face of Nike” controversy sure has given Nike a lot of publicity, which may have been their strategy all along.  In a few weeks (or less), the boycotts will be finished, Kaepernick will be old news yet again, and I’ll still be wearing my Yellowbox flip flops.  With so many unsung heroes from which to choose, I am mildly curious why Nike would choose this knee-man who really didn’t sacrifice anything.
  • What a spectacle it was, the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh last week.   Protesters weren’t the only ill-behaved ones, there were a few disorderly, prideful senators, as well.  Folks haven’t figured out that loud, disruptive protests, much like impromptu boycotts, don’t accomplish anything.  Well, except the Kavanaugh hearing protests did garner more than 200 arrests.  I’m sure their bail money had already been set aside by someone other than themselves.  For all their obnoxiousness, all they accomplished was hand cuffs and finger prints, and maybe a few minutes inside a holding cell. 
  • The anonymous writer to the NY Times…If I were a betting woman (other than the occasional scratch off ticket, that is) I’d say Omarosa was the author of that missile…er…missive. 
  • Something else I’d bet on:  “The Connors” (the “Roseanne” spin-off premiering next month) will tank in record time.   The reason "Roseanne" was such a hit was because it had enough conservatism to attract conservatives, with more than enough liberalism tossed in to keep Hollywood quiet.   They were watching, though, Roseanne the Trump supporter, not "Roseanne" the show.  Watching and waiting, ready to pounce.   That’s not to say Roseanne didn’t help their agenda out a little.   Or maybe it was Ambien.  As for "The Conners" tanking, we shall see.   I won’t be watching it, and that’s not just because I don’t have cable.
  • Serena Williams had a tantrum on the tennis courts, and when she wasn't allowed to get away with it, she said she will continue “fighting for women.”  What?  I doubt she'll miss the $17,000 in fines out of the nearly two million runner-up prize.  Fight on, dear lady, though I can't image what it is you are fighting.  Anger issues, maybe?

That’s all my time for today!
Later this week...or next...we'll taking about Freedom.  Again.
Time to put on my face and make a mad dash for a parking place.
Have a grand Monday, and an even grander week!

**Please don't forget to pray for our Nation. **


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  1. Happy belated anniversary!! He's got a great sense of humor!! Definitely our nation needs all the prayers it can get! (did you get my comment on your other blog about the current events?)



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