Saturday’s Six: The “If” Edition

If every event that happened this century hadn’t been sensationalized by the media for ratings, maybe people wouldn’t have stopped caring.

If vulgarity wasn’t accepted as comedy and blatant disrespect of authority wasn’t customary, maybe people would be nicer to each other.

If people weren’t belittled and harassed for a different political or religious view, maybe people would come together and solve problems instead of creating new ones.

If we weren’t drowning in a sea of deception so vast that people no longer care whether or not what they are saying and hearing is the truth, people would realize they were drowning.

If people realized they were drowning, who would they look to for help? Are Christians floundering in the same ocean, or are they in the lifeboat with lifelines ready and willing to help?

If Christians realized that their lifeline is the Word of God, they would know the power in the name of Jesus.

Full-grown thistle...Lawrenceburg, TN
Half-grown thistle...Lawrenceburg, TN

Baby thistle...a weed by any other name...
but pretty little finches love to eat thistle seed
Lawrenceburg, TN



  1. Excellent points. It has occurred to me--with my new realization that life is short--that Christians are so busy fighting political fights and railing against this thing or the other in an effort to do good or at least see justice, that we have forgotten the Words that are important and the One Who is justice...and mercy. We have gotten sidetracked by the we fight it. Right now, it's easy for me to say this--but I am turning my focus back that which is the only essential. Funny how the prospect of death can cause the things of this world to be seen as what they are...things of this world.

  2. I have decided that most people aren't so involved with the ugliness out of any noble justice effort. I think it is as you say, they are distracted. It's a tool the devil uses, and it works so easily.

    I need to be much more diligent to change my focus, as well! Thank you for this sobering comment.

  3. Lots of wisdom in your "Ifs."



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