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Alabama’s Ten Commandments Amendment:
(Read about it HERE)
I first saw this on some of the news stations that post on Facebook. The comments that followed were expected: “That’s unconstitutional!” “Freedom from/of religion!”

Freedom of Religion? God is not religion. Of all the things God said He was: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace…, He never said, “I am religion.” He is God. He exists, He is in control, and He will do what He wants. It is only because of His great mercy that people walking around in a world-induced stupor thinking they are God’s chosen haven’t been destroyed. He is angry with the wicked every day! (Psalm 7:11)

Those opposed say it will be challenged and overruled again in the supreme court, but the SCOTUS is different this time. They also say that if we let Christians, we have to let devil worshippers erect monuments. The wording of the amendment will probably prevail over that suggestion. Besides, when did “It is written” ever get trumped by the devil?

I cannot even care if this is an unpopular side of the fence. It is exactly what America needs. I hope it takes root in Alabama and spreads all over these United States!

About that world-induced stupor:
Thinking just going to church, being a member of a particular denomination, or just being baptized, is the way to Heaven is like building a chimney of wood to keep warm all winter.

The Lies!
Lies often start out seductive and slow, but when opposed, become loud, obnoxious, and often violent in their attempts to stay on top. The truth is calm, quiet, and often hides. Search for it! When you buy the lies, you give them to your children, and another generation grows up believing what the devil is saying instead of what God is saying.

Christians simply MUST be in the Word of God daily so that we will recognize Truth over the lies of the opposition!

About those Ten Commandments?  
God was serious about that.


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