Two Cent Tuesday

I imagine satan and a few of his imps standing around looking at little Charlie Darwin playing with his stuffed sock monkey.   Satan says to his imps, “I bet I can make young Charlie here believe he came from an ape.”    “You’re on!” the imps reply.  Satan won.  Sadly.  Not only did he convince Charles Darwin, he has deceived many, and mainstream media has been more than willing to help him.

The antichrist?
Hopefully, I’ve made no secret that I am a Believer.   A Christian.   I believe in Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and who is my salvation.   I am one in the class of people who, according to main-stream media, it is permissible to “bully,” a word that gets a lot of attention these days.  If you harass a Christian, you are not being a bully, it appears.   I wonder…could mainstream media be the antichrist?   Look at how many people are deceived by their pollution.  (That is a rhetorical question only...I read Revelation.)

In order to truly, totally, completely forgive someone, you can’t put conditions or demands on their behavior in order for them to be back in your good graces.   It ain’t an easy thing to do when you’ve been hurt.  Or angered.  Or embarrassed.  You have to accept that they got away with hurting you, and let God handle it the way He sees fit.

·       It is “would’ve,” the contraction for “would have;” it is not “would of,” or “could of.”  When we say it, though (especially in the south), it does sound like “of” instead of “’ve.”   
·       Reality TV is the worst culprit of saying “I” when they should use “me.”   In fact, it’s incorrect usage is so commonplace that when “I” is used correctly, people think you’re using bad grammar.   I’ve been known to talk to the TV…they ignore me.  Oh, wait.   “Ain’t” ain’t grammatically correct. 

Is there a fashion commentator somewhere, on some mountaintop, perhaps, who decides the current season's fashion?  Do magazines and designers wait with baited breath for this guru to declare, with his arm lifted and his index finger extended, "This summer, you shall wear polka dots on your shirts and stripes on your skirts!   You shall wear pants that make even the best of bodies look oddly shaped!   You shall wear ugly shoes…no!  Extremely ugly shoes with your stripes and polka dots and ill-fitting britches!”   OK, it’s a little far-fetched to think a fashion pundit would say “britches.”   But who decides the present “fashion?”

My coworkers think I’m scary because I understand the Facebook status of a local wanted individual (wanted as in hunted by “the law.”), “I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other, and when I am alone I am together.”  I thought it was a great status; I now think they are looking at us with worried expressions.   Should I add “paranoid” to that status?

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