Monday Musings: The Age Boom Edition

Dear Time:
Could you back up a little?  This age thing is really affecting me!

Dear Age:
You act like an old woman.  No wonder people lie about you!

Dear Head:
I know you’re in the clouds a lot, but this silver lining thing you got going on is not attractive.

Dear Gray Roots (aka silver lining):
Meet Miss Clairol.

Dear Morning:
Why are you so mean to my face?

Dear Mirror:
You just ain’t as pretty as you used to be.    I try to avoid you first thing in the morning.

Dear Make Up:
Slacker!   You don’t work near as well as you used to.

Dear Joints:
Could you try to be a little more quiet?   You’re disturbing the peace with all that snap! crackle! pop!

Dear Midlife:
What up with all these sound effects?   Hot flashes?   Dry skin?   Mood swings?

Dear Ole Boy:
Thank you for putting up with me.   You’re the best!

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