When you sit down to a fine dining experience, your goal would be to enjoy the food, not to shovel in as much as you can as quickly as you can.

So it is with the Word of God.   It's not a race for how many chapters you can read a day.  It is your daily bread.  Breathe it in.   Savor it.   Take your time to understand all that God is telling you in His word.   Jesus is the bread of life.  (John 6:35)
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding.
  • Read the footnotes, especially if it is something you don't understand.
  • Look up words that you don't fully understand.
  • Jot notes down in your Bible.
  • Journal your thoughts and revelations.

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  1. Very true. And beautiful table setting!

  2. Very sound advice. I've done offshoot studies of words I've come across or thoughts I had after studying a passage. I remember reading a few years back about when Mary, Joseph, Jesus fled to Egypt. I was curious how far their travel was. It was way more miles than I had thought (I want to say over 200 miles, but its been awhile). Regardless, it wasn't just a mere 20 miles or so. So much to learn from it if we will take the time to really read and study the Bible.



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