Monday Musings...

Dear Old Friend (whom I haven’t seen in years):
Remember when you told me that fast food restaurants saved the crummy food items for the drive thru (yeah, I spelled it “thru”) so that we wouldn’t notice we had the buns that were falling apart, and the cold crappy fries until we were gone?   Remember how I disagreed?    I think Jacks saved such a biscuit for me this morning.

Dear Diet:
Why are you so elusive?    What?   Because of fast food?!   :::oh:::

Dear Fast Food Restaurants:
If I go on a diet, will you survive without me?

Dear Grocery Store:
Is it cheaper to buy groceries than to eat out every day?   I haven’t noticed you being too cheap on those food prices, you know.

Dear Taste Buds:
Can you handle my cooking night after night?   Better question, can Ole Boy?

Thought for the day:   I don’t like wearing Maypop jeans.    You know, the ones that have gotten so tight, they may pop when you sit down…

Shiloh National Military Park (Savannah, TN)


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