The Three Sides of Kava-Naw: One More Opinion

Her side:
The timing of the accusation, her fuzzy details surrounding her “most traumatic event," her own witnesses refuting her claim, her lack of family support, her previous counseling sessions when she didn’t mention Kavanaugh by name are a few of the reasons my initial response was to not believe Christine Blasey Ford.  Adding to the above was her silence.   I was a teenaged girl once myself.   Teen girls tell things to other teenaged girls. 

But I wanted to hear her side of the story told under oath.  While listening to her account, I felt her lack of tears while “crying” was contrived, but I felt she spoke with enough boldness to think she may be telling her version of the truth…perhaps she did get groped at some point in the manner she described.   I also figured she drank far more than the one beer she claimed…if she can’t remember the basic details of an alleged assault or how she got home afterwards, can she really recall how many beers she drank on that day  36 years ago? 

What I hadn’t said to anyone, but had thought, was “Good grief, I was groped as a teenager, more than one time.  I was also once pinned down….”  and my life wasn’t ruined.  I have mentioned the incidents, including names, over the years, and none of my details are fuzzy.  I recall clearly.  But I’m not her, I reminded myself.   We all handle things differently.  Her claim of life-long ruination seemed a bit extreme to me, but who am I to judge her reaction?   Since then, others have commented along these lines, so I feel it is acceptable to pull from my own experiences.

The second and third accusers don’t merit discussion at this point.  I believe everyone was expecting someone else to come forward once the proverbial ball began rolling.  But surely they expected someone to bring much stronger claims and evidence to the table.  If that was the plan, it backfired “bigly.”  I’m not saying anyone had a plan, but the thought has admittedly crossed my mind.   I kept waiting for an accusation that was, at the very least, from this century.

His Side:
After Dr. Ford told her story, I felt Judge Brett Kavanaugh telling his was going to be a waste of time.   What could he possibly say?   How can one defend oneself against allegations with no solid details to refute?   But I imagine no one planned on a young man keeping a diary and calling it a calendar, and having a long history of keeping such detailed calendars.   His response was given, at times, in angry indignation…my mother would describe him as “having his righteous dander up.”   He was believable.   Where she came across as “maybe something happened,” he made it clear that nothing happened.   His inability to speak at times while trying to compose is what happens to me, so I could relate.   Given his career of high positions and his various FBI investigations related to those positions, along with the lack of accusations after or during said other appointments to high offices, I gave more credence to his side than her side before I heard their sworn testimony.  In fact, after hearing his side compared to her side, I am more inclined to believe she is lying.

The Truth:
No one’s mind was changed because of yesterday’s sworn testimonies.  Those who are liberal minded believe her, conservatives believe him.   My very scientific Facebook “After The Testimony” poll was exactly what I expected.   My liberal friends chose her, my conservative ones chose him, and there were more “His Story” supporters because I have more conservative friends. 

This is a no-win situation.   People jumped on their respective bandwagons from the beginning, and very few people, if anyone, is budging.  America’s division is even greater.   Women do lie.   Victims make mistakes.  Men do assault women, and women assault men.  But in this case, it appears Kavanaugh is guilty by association...association with Donald Trump, that is.  Due to lack of details and corroboration, all we have is opinion, not truth.  Opinion is the new law of the land…we cannot let pesky facts get in the way.  I believe Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed soon…we shall see.

Don't like what's happening these days?
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  1. This is the best description of yesterdays events I have read. Great post!!

    1. Thank you, my friend. I could have said it was a three ring circus, and I probably wouldn't be so very far from wrong.

  2. Whew! I have to admit that I hesitated to read this, fearing that I may take offense, but pushed on to read since I've come to know you oer the yers well enough to trust you. I'm glad I did. This was a pretty fair description. I disagree with some of your opinions about Dr. Ford, but they wee logical and lacked malice.

    Sadly, my reluctance to read was due to the numerous wild-eyed, bitter hearted comments so many conservatives...Christians...have expressed. Just knee-jerk, defend our side, thought-less responses that are embarrassing. I'll refrain from repeating them here; I know you've read them.

    As far as my views on the bottom line? Well. None of us know for sure everything that happened at a gathering of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, except that no rape was alleged, there was underage drinking, no adult supervision was present, and some kids were there without their parents' knowledge. Yes, things probably went badly. No surprise there. That's why we tell our children not to attend those parties.

    But let's not forget, amidst this current drama of "serious allegations", that what we're looking at is, indeed, a bunch of high school kids behaving badly.

    So. Since this is about an adult's appointment to the supreme court, I'm looking at Judge Kavanaugh's adult behavior that we know about. Six thorough FBI investigations that turned up no hint of misconduct, alcoholism, or illegality. A seemingly well-adjusted family life, community service, approval by the bar association, dozens of people coming forward to attest to his decency and fairness. And, then, there's all of those recorded judicial decisions and demonstrated judicial temperament. And we are looking at his suitability to be a judge, right?

    I don't know what happened to Dr. Ford Tho I'm sure something did and that she is not simply a paid political pawn.) and I don't know how Kavanaugh behaved as a high school kid--but I do have both document and verbal accounts of how he ha been as an adult--both as a general human being and as a judge. And it's all god.

    I'm gong with that. I vote, yes, for Kavanaugh.

    1. I'm glad you trusted me enough to read! lol Christians (myself included) sometimes forget when talking about things like this that Jesus loves and died for them the same as He did for me. I believe Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and I think it's probably wise that yet another FBI investigationis being conducted. If the other side of the aisle come up with something else, I will believe that they are desperately seeking delay tactics. We shall see.

  3. I didn't catch any of the testimony other than what the local news chose to play from it. I prayed that the truth would come out, no matter what it was. I like what Deb said in her comment about the adult Judge Kavanaugh. How many teenagers do "silly" things in their "youth" that they later regret and never do again. I know I had a few instances. I'm not saying he was guilty of anything as a teenager, I'm just saying most teenagers do "spread their wings" a bit and again do things they later regret. Maybe its a good lesson and wake up call for parents raising daughters and sons too to respect the opposite sex at any age, to treat all with respect, and if something does happen to come and tell then and not 36 years later. I am thinking he'll be confirmed and I'm thinking the next justice that Mr. Trump might have to appoint will have the same problems unless she is a woman.


    1. If they are doing what they appear to be doing (attempting to stop any conservatives), a woman will fare no better.

  4. Thank goodness Kavanaugh was confirmed. I think the Dems hit one of their lowest points with this whole fiasco. So ruining people without any consideration is now the way they are going? I believe it will backfire on them. Our leaders need to think about moving forward and getting good things done for our country rather than tearing each other to shreds and getting little else done.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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